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09/20/2017Benefits Newsletter - Senate Rejects ACA Repeal Efforts View this item »
09/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - Do you know the signs of Opioid Addiction? View this item »
08/15/2017Benefits Newsletter - HIPAA Cyber Attack Response Checklist View this item »
08/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - Prevent Heat Illness View this item »
08/02/2017New York Paid Family Leave View this item »
07/20/2017Employer HR Brief - July 2017 View this item »
07/15/2017Benefits Newsletter - What Happens if the ACA Employer Mandate is Repealed? View this item »
07/01/2017Live Well, Work Well - Simple Summer Activities Your Kids Are Sure to Love View this item »
06/15/2017Employer HR Brief - June 2017 View this item »
06/05/2017Benefits Newsletter - AHCA Passes House View this item »
06/01/2017Live Well, Work Well - Tick and Tick-borne Disease Season is Here View this item »
05/20/2017Employer HR Brief - May 2017 View this item »
05/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - A Breath of Fresh Air View this item »
05/01/2017Benefits Newsletter - ACA Replacement Bill View this item »
04/20/2017Employer HR Brief - April 2017 View this item »
04/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - Monitor Your Rice Intake View this item »
04/01/2017Benefits Newsletter - American Health Care Act: What Won't Change View this item »
04/01/2017Employer Benefits Bulletin - Quarter 2 View this item »
03/20/2017Employer HR Brief - March 2017 View this item »
03/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - Prepare for Tax Season View this item »
03/01/2017Benefits Newsletter - ACA and Employer Health Plans Under President Trump View this item »
02/20/2017Employer HR Brief - February 2017 View this item »
02/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - February is American Heart Month View this item »
02/01/2017Benefits Newsletter - New Stand-alone HRA Option Available for Eligible Small Employers View this item »
01/05/2017Employee Brochure "live well, work well": New Year's Resolutions View this item »
01/01/2017Employee Benefits Bulletin - 2017 Quarter 1 View this item »
11/02/2016Gowrie Group Ranked in Top-50 Independent Agencies by Insurance Journal View this item »
10/22/2016Gowrie Group Sponsors Mystic Seaport America & Sea Award View this item »
10/21/2016Top-10 OSHA Citations: A Starting Point for Workplace Safety View this item »
10/20/2016New England Museum Annual Conference - Presenting Sponsor View this item »
10/20/2016Employer HR Brief - October 2016 View this item »
10/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Breast Cancer Awareness Month View this item »
10/05/2016Gowrie Group Sponsors Massachusetts EMS Conference View this item »
10/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - Get Ready for ACA Reporting Deadlines View this item »
09/25/2016Gowrie Group recognized for 6th straight year among CT's Top Workplaces View this item »
09/15/2016Gowrie Delivers 600 Pounds of Apples at Newport Boatshow View this item »
09/08/2016Gowrie Proud to be a Presenting Sponsor of the 2016 A-List Awards View this item »
09/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Taking Responsibility for your Retirement Fund View this item »
09/05/2016Gowrie Combines Forces with Hartge Insurance and Opens New Mid-Atlantic Operation View this item »
09/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - Significant Changes Proposed to Form 5500 View this item »
08/20/2016Employer HR Brief - August 2016 View this item »
08/18/2016Webinar: VFIS 2016 Emergency Vehicle Driver Training Instructor Update View this item »
08/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Zika: Why Men Should Be Concerned Too View this item »
08/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - New Task Force to Focus on Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders View this item »
07/20/2016Employer HR Brief - July 2016 View this item »
07/05/2016Safety Report: Electric Shock Drowning - What Marine Industry Employees Need to Know View this item »
07/05/2016Employee Brochure "live well, work well": FDA Moves to Regulate the Sale of E-cigarettes View this item »
07/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - DOL issues New Overtime Payment Rules View this item »
07/01/2016Health Care Reform: PCORI Fees due August 1, 2016 View this item »
07/01/2016Employee Benefits Bulletin - 2016 Quarter 3 View this item »
06/23/2016Gowrie Group Donates VHF Radios to New England Science & Sailing View this item »
06/20/2016Employer HR Brief - June 2016 View this item »
06/07/2016Gowrie Group is proud to be Silver Sponsor of Herreshoff Marine Museum View this item »
06/05/2016Employee Brochure "live well, work well": Detergent Packet Poisoning View this item »
06/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - ACA's Affordability Contribution Percentage Increases for 2017 View this item »
05/27/2016Steve Schram Joins Gowrie Group as Leader of Family Risk Management Practice View this item »
05/21/2016Gowrie Sponsors Raise the Roof Build Project to Benefit Habitat for Humanity View this item »
05/20/2016Employer HR Brief - May 2016 View this item »
05/16/2016Gowrie Partners with National Sailing Hall of Fame View this item »
05/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Healthy Lifestyles View this item »
05/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - Supreme Court Hears Contraceptive Coverage Case View this item »
04/15/2016Employer HR Brief - April 2016 View this item »
04/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Loneliness Considered a Public Health Problem View this item »
04/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - Affordable Care Act Rule Changes for 2017 View this item »
03/17/2016Gowrie Group's Burgee Insurance Program Insures More than 1,000 Sailing Organization Nationwide View this item »
03/15/2016Employer HR Brief - March 2016 View this item »
03/05/2016Employee Brochure "live well, work well": Lead Water Poisoning View this item »
03/01/2016Alert: Risk of Social Engineering Fraud Continues to Rise View this item »
03/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - Recent Court Rulings Raise Questions about FMLA View this item »
02/23/2016Gowrie Group Proudly Supports the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center View this item »
02/15/2016Employer HR Brief - February 2016 View this item »
02/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - The Importance of Good Posture View this item »
02/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - ACA Reporting Deadlines Delayed View this item »
01/25/2016Employer Benefits Bulletin - Quarter 1 View this item »
01/20/2016Cyber Self-Assessment for Organizations, by VFIS View this item »
01/15/2016Employer HR Brief - January 2016 View this item »
01/05/2016Employee Brochure "live well, work well": In Defense of Coffee, Sugar Substitutes, New Year's Resolutions View this item »
01/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - ACA Repeal Passes Senate, Veto Expected View this item »
01/01/2016Gowrie Group Donates $1500 to Veteran Angler Charters View this item »
12/29/2015ACA Reporting Deadlines Delayed View this item »
11/15/2015Gowrie Launches Challenge to Raise One Million Dollars for Shoreline Soup Kitchen View this item »
11/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - Simple tips to reduce food waste View this item »
10/27/2015Gowrie Sponsors New England Museum Conference in Maine View this item »
10/15/2015Employer HR Brief - October 2015 View this item »
10/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - Monitor Physical Activity with a Fitness Tracker View this item »
10/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - Guidelines Finalized for Electronic Reporting Under Sections 6055 and 6056 View this item »
09/15/2015Employer HR Brief - September 2015 View this item »
09/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - September is fruit and veggie month View this item »
09/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - Final Rule on Religious Exemptions to Contraceptive Coverage View this item »
08/20/2015Gowrie Group Named as One of Nation's Top 50 by Insurance Journal View this item »
08/15/2015Employer HR Brief - August 2015 View this item »
08/12/2015Hurricane Preparation for Towns & Municipalities View this item »
08/11/2015Barbara Cooper Speaks to C5 Crossroads for Kids View this item »
08/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - U.S Supreme Court Upholds ACA Subsidies in Federal Exchanges View this item »
07/10/2015Employer HR Brief - July 2015 View this item »
07/08/2015Health Care Reform: PCORI Fees due July 31, 2015 View this item »
07/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - The Effect of E-cigarettes on Health View this item »
07/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - Family Plans Must Embed Out-of-pocket Limits in 2016 View this item »
06/15/2015Employer Benefits Bulletin - Quarter 3 View this item »
06/10/2015Employer HR Brief - June 2015 View this item »
06/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - The Health Benefits of Sunlight Exposure View this item »
06/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - Agencies Plan to Issue Final Rules for SBC Requirements View this item »
05/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - May Is Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month View this item »
05/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - HHS Issues Final Rule Affecting ACA for 2016 View this item »
04/08/2015Gowrie Supports Advocacy Day for History, Humanities and Preservation at the CT State House. View this item »
04/07/2015Risk Report: Employee Fraud & Dishonesty View this item »
04/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - Cholestoral is not so bad View this item »
04/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - New Guidance for Employer Payments of Individiual Premiums View this item »
03/16/2015Dawn Speros of Gowrie Group to Present Marine Insurance e-Seminars to Marine Brokers View this item »
03/11/2015Gowrie to Exhibit at the Connecticut Maritime Association – Shipping 2015 Conference View this item »
03/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - March is National Nutrition Month View this item »
03/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - Individual Mandate Penalty Cap View this item »
02/19/2015Risk Report: Preventing Cold Stress and Cold Induced Injuries View this item »
02/16/2015Gowrie to Host 10 Hour OSHA Training Class for Marine Employees View this item »
02/15/2015Gowrie Partners to Present Emergency Vehicle Driver Training View this item »
02/05/2015Message from Gowrie about the Cyber Attack on Anthem View this item »
02/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - Avoiding the flu, Take care of your eyes View this item »
02/03/2015Gowrie & VFIS to sponsor Emergency Vehicle Driver Training Seminar View this item »
02/02/2015Gowrie Raises $137,000 to Benefit the Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries View this item »
01/15/2015Benefits Bulletin - Employer Reimbursement & HPID View this item »
01/05/2015Gowrie Supports the Providence Animal Rescue League View this item »
01/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - Goal Setting in 2015 View this item »
01/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - HHS Issues Proposed Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2016 View this item »
12/09/20142014: A Year of Gowrie Group Milestones and Celebrating 40 Years in Business View this item »
12/04/2014Carter Gowrie and SSKP Challenge Featured in Local Newspaper View this item »
12/01/2014Gowrie Sponsors Fantastic NEMA Museum 2014 Conference View this item »
10/15/2014Gowrie Team Serves Lunch at the Old Saybrook Soup Kitchen View this item »
10/01/2014Benefits Newsletter - Communicating with Employees During Open Enrollment View this item »
09/02/2014Gowrie Group and Shoreline Insurance Agency Join Forces View this item »
07/08/2014Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: IRS releases information addressing penalties for employers offering payment plans on individual plans Read more »
06/27/2014Gowrie Claims Services Educates Municipalities Through Seminars View this item »
06/20/2014Gowrie/VFIS Exhibit at the New England Fire/EMS Expo0. View this item »
06/10/2014Gowrie Announces Multi-year Partnership Extension with US Sailing and Chubb View this item »
04/14/2014Flood Insurance Q&A for Financial Advisers View this item »
04/10/2014Gowrie Expands into Crew Medical & Marine Health Insurance View this item »
04/09/2014Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: Pay or Play delayed for medium sized groups until 2016, Reporting requirements on IRS code 6055 and 6056 Read more »
04/07/2014Risk Report: Newsletter for Municipalities and Emergency Service Organizations Read more »
04/03/2014What Should Sailing Orgs and Yacht Clubs Do With a Drunken Sailor? View this item »
04/02/2014Top-10 questions sailing organizations and yacht clubs ask about their insurance View this item »
03/07/2014Gowrie Group sponsors and speaks at US Sailing Regional Symposium in Marion MA View this item »
03/06/20142014 Affordable Care Act Seminar Hosted by Gowrie Group View this item »
03/05/2014Dawn Speros to host eSeminar for YBAA - Post Sandy Observations: Valuation and Due Diligence are Critical View this item »
03/04/2014Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: Final Regulations on Employer Shared Responsibility portion of ACA Read more »
03/03/2014Gowrie/VFIS Recognized with Special Award by RI Association of Fire Chiefs View this item »
02/05/2014Gowrie Group Sponsors 2014 US Sailing Leadership Forum View this item »
02/01/2014Gowrie Group partners with Mystic Seaport to protect the past and secure the future View this item »
02/01/2014Marine Broker Update from Dawn Speros View this item »
02/01/2014OSHA Requirement: 2013 Injuries & Illnesses Must be Posted on Form 300A View this item »
01/30/2014Gowrie Raises an Incredible $145,000 to Benefit the Shoreline Soup Kitchens View this item »
01/29/2014Marinas and Boatyards Can Build Working Relations with OSHA - Seminar Presented by Gowrie Group's Kellie Crete at the International Marina & Boatyard Conference View this item »
01/21/2014Gowrie Group Benefits Bulletin: 1st Quarter 2014 Read more »
01/20/2014Gowrie Soup Kitchen Challenge Final Results - $145,000 - WLIS Radio Interview with Whitney Peterson, Patty Dowling, and Lindas Dillon View this item »
01/07/2014Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz - Key Changes to 2015 Reinsurance Program Read more »
12/12/2013Gowrie Claims Services Seminar Draws a Full House of Public Officials in Massachusetts View this item »
11/06/2013Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: Model Notices of Privacy Practices, Changes to Small Employer Tax Credit for 2014 Read more »
11/05/2013Risk Report: Hazardous Materials View this item »
10/19/2013Gowrie Adopts a Dyer Dhow and Competes in Annual Sailing Competition at Mystic Seaport View this item »
10/16/2013Kristen Lincoln, Expert Panelist, Insurance for Non-Profit Organizations View this item »
10/07/2013Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: IRS ruling on same-sex couples, Individual Mandate for January 2014 Read more »
08/20/2013Health Care Reform: Model Exchange/Marketplace Notice to Employees Read more »
07/30/2013Gowrie Group Launches Beach Club Insurance Program View this item »
07/08/2013Risk Report: Cyber Liability for Small Businesses and Non Profits View this item »
06/11/2013Steve Prime Presenting eSeminar on Insurance Lessons from SANDY for Marine Businesses View this item »
05/30/2013Risk Report - Forklift Safety View this item »
05/20/2013Dawn Speros and Steve Prime to Present e-Seminars to Marine Brokers View this item »
04/03/2013Kristen Lincoln Joins Gowrie Group as an Account Executive View this item »
03/21/2013Gowrie Group Is the Preeminent Expert on How Healthcare Reform Will Impact CT Businesses View this item »
03/12/2013Gowrie Hosts OSHA Training Program for Marine Industry View this item »
03/01/2013Kiley Prime Joins Gowrie as a Personal Lines and Equine Insurance Producer View this item »
01/25/2013Gowrie Group to host Healthcare Reform Seminar for clients - What Employers Need to Know and When - on February 26th Read more »
01/14/2013Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: Proposed Rules on Workplace Wellness Programs, Proposed Reinsurance Fees, and more Read more »
01/10/2013Gowrie Expands Equine Practice with Addition of Industry Expert Holly Griffin View this item »
10/15/2012Dan Cooney Joins Gowrie Group as a Commercial & Marine Insurance Producer View this item »
10/02/2012Gowrie Receives Multiple Prestigious Recognitions View this item »
09/15/2012Gowrie article, “Smarter Risk Management for Equine Related Exposures,” featured in Worth magazine special section View this item »
04/23/2012Hurricane Activation Plan Template offered to yacht clubs and orgs to aid in their disaster planning Read more »
01/02/2012Video overview of Burgee Program - Insurance for Yacht Clubs Read more »
01/01/2012VFIS of Southern New England joins forces with Gowrie Group Read more »
12/14/2011Walgreens expected to leave Anthem's pharmacy network effective 12/31/2011 Read more »
06/15/2011Gowrie Group named as Insurance Agency of the Month by Rough Notes  Read more »
04/29/2011Benefits Q2 Bulletin: Workplace Wellness, Misclassifying Workers, Helping Employees, and more Read more »
04/20/2011Gowrie Speaks to 185 Yacht Clubs at Summit in Chicago Read more »
12/09/2010Business Winter Freeze-Up Preparations  Read more »
10/25/2010Health Care Reform: IRS delays Form W-2 Reporting Requirement Read more »
10/21/2010Health Care Reform: IRS delays Form W-2 Reporting Requirement Read more »
09/01/2010Gowrie Group ranked as the #1 Privately-held Insurance Agency in CT Read more »
05/18/2010CT Extends Continuation of Group Health Ins to 30 Months Read more »
04/20/2010COBRA Premium Subsidy Extended Through May 31, 2010 Read more »
04/20/2010Small Business Health Care Tax Credit Read more »
03/30/2010Health Care Reform and Your Employee Benefit View this item »
03/02/2010COBRA Subsidy extension through March 31, 2010  Read more »
10/01/2009Chris Brodeur Joins Gowrie View this item »
08/26/2009Protecting Your Business from Hurricanes and Severe Windstorms Read more »
05/18/2009The Burgee Program - In Today's World, Even Yacht Club Flag Officers are Liable Read more »
04/29/2009The Burgee Program - Wherever Your Junior Sailors Go, Your Yacht Club is at Risk View this item »
04/22/2009The Burgee Program - What do You do with a Drunken Yacht Club Member? Read more »
04/21/2009Gowrie Group - Launches New Name and Branding View this item »
01/14/2009Dry-Pipe Sprinkler Valve Heated Enclosure Read more »
01/14/2009Preventing Sprinkler System Freeze-Ups Read more »
01/14/2009Winter Freeze Precautions Read more »
12/17/2007Pension Advisors Group joins GBY Read more »
07/12/2007GBY acquires Fairfield Insurance of Fairfield, CT Read more »
07/06/2007GBB and Sumerset Houseboats Announce Sumerset Insurance and Finance Center Read more »
03/15/2007Fisher & Fisher merges with Gowrie, Barden & Brett Read more »
10/12/2006GBB Hires Richard Torrey to Commercial Sales Read more »
07/20/2006GBB Partners with Regatta Manager Read more »
06/01/2006Hurricane Checklist for Businesses Read more »
12/05/2005Gowrie Announces Silver Level Industry Partnership with Premier Racing LLC, the Organizer of Acura Key West & Acura Miami Race Week Read more »
05/01/2005Brewer Newsletter Tidewatch Spring 05 - Gowrie Offers Brewer Preferred Insurance for Brewer Yacht Yard Customers Read more »
03/10/2005Gowrie Hires Life & Health Insurance Specialist Bob Adam to Offer Employee Benefits to Area Businesses Read more »

"Why Gowrie" graphic photography courtesy of Kerry Schutz