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02/10/2023Preventing Insurance Claims: Managing Risk and Developing Safety Protocols at Sailing Organizations View this item »
02/02/2023Gowrie Group - Risk Strategies Announces Multi-Year Partnership Extension with US Sailing View this item »
01/15/2023Gowrie Group – Risk Strategies: Gold Sponsor of US Sailing Leadership Forum View this item »
08/08/2022White Marlin Open - Gowrie Group is a Bronze Sponsor View this item »
07/01/2022Sailors Health Insurance by Gowrie: Open Enrollment View this item »
06/22/2022Join us at the Wooden Boat Show (June 24 & 25) - Gowrie Classic Yacht Insurance View this item »
06/14/2022Gowrie Group Extends Partnership & Support to Two Major US Sailing Events View this item »
06/02/2022Gowrie Group Makes $50,000 Donation to US Sailing’s Siebel Sailors Program View this item »
05/20/2022National Safe Boating Week: Important Marine Safety Changes & Requirements View this item »
05/04/2022Gowrie Sponsors Mystic Seaport Story Boat Exhibit View this item »
04/27/2022Herreshoff Marine Museum Renews Partnership With Gowrie Group & PURE Insurance View this item »
04/04/2022Gowrie Group Sponsors Connecticut River One-Design Regatta to benefit Sails Up 4 Cancer View this item »
03/17/2022Smart Strategies for Securing Yacht Insurance in 2022 View this item »
02/17/2022Gowrie Burgee Program - Sense of Calm Clarifications for Instructors and Race Committees View this item »
12/10/2021Gowrie Offers Health Insurance Solutions for VIPCA Members & Business Partners View this item »
10/25/2021Gowrie Group Sponsors Restoration of America’s Cup Yacht “Stars & Stripes” View this item »
10/04/2021Gowrie at the 2021 Annapolis Boat Shows! View this item »
09/21/2021Gowrie Group Announces Partnership with Brewer Yacht Sales View this item »
09/15/2021Benefits Newsletter - September 2021 View this item »
09/10/2021HR Insights: COVID-19 Vaccine Surcharges, Mandates and Incentives: What Employers Should Know View this item »
09/08/2021Join Gowrie at the 2021 Newport Boat Show View this item »
08/19/2021Join us at the Wooden Boat Show (August 20/21) - Gowrie Classic Yacht Insurance View this item »
08/02/2021White Marlin Sportfish Open - Bobby Tambascio View this item »
07/10/2021Sailors Health Insurance by Gowrie: Open Enrollment View this item »
06/25/2021Message from US Sailing & Cory Sertl in Support of Burgee Insurance Program View this item »
06/20/2021Gowrie Sponsors 2021 Block Island Race Week - Photo of the Day View this item »
06/18/2021Live Well, Work Well - Outdoor Exercise Safety Tips View this item »
06/15/2021Block Island Race Week: Gowrie Group Proud Bronze Sponsor View this item »
05/20/2021Benefits Newsletter - May 2021 View this item »
05/12/2021Live Well, Work Well - Self-care and Your Mental Health View this item »
04/30/2021Gowrie Sponsors Connecticut Spring Boat Show View this item »
04/15/2021Live Well, Work Well - Alcohol Awareness Month During COVID-19 Pandemic View this item »
04/01/2021Jackline Insurance for Cruisers - 2021 Insurance Market Update & News View this item »
03/25/2021New Boating Safety Law: Engine Kill Switch Use Required in Many Situations View this item »
03/18/2021Live Well, Work Well - Making Every Bite Count View this item »
03/01/2021Burgee Program - Weekly Sailing Program Director Safety Check-List View this item »
02/05/2021Live Well, Work Well - 3 Ways to Boost Your Heart Health View this item »
01/22/2021Eight Bells - Al Golden, IMIS/Gowrie Insurance View this item »
01/21/2021Live Well, Work Well - 5 Ways to Start Your Year Off Right View this item »
10/25/2020Gowrie Official Insurance Sponsor of the 2020 USVI Charter Yacht Show & VIPCA View this item »
10/21/2020Gowrie Sponsors - Mystic Seaport America and Sea Award to Honor Tom Whidden View this item »
10/07/2020Live Well, Work Well - Combating Pandemic Fatigue View this item »
10/01/2020John B. Wenz Joins Marine Insurance Division at Gowrie Group View this item »
09/16/2020Gowrie to Sponsor the RI Marine Trades Industry Breakfast View this item »
09/03/2020Extremely Active 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted View this item »
09/03/2020Live Well, Work Well - Choosing an Effective Hand Sanitizer View this item »
08/12/2020Live Well, Work Well - Sorting Out Coronavirus Fact From Fiction View this item »
08/01/2020Gowrie Group Claim Reporting Steps View this item »
08/01/2020Gowrie Group Claim Reporting Steps for Yacht Owners View this item »
07/30/2020Storm Prep Alert - Hurricane Isaias Head for Southern US View this item »
07/08/2020Live Well, Work Well - Boost Your Mental Well-being During These Uncertain Times View this item »
06/10/2020Benefits Newsletter - June 2020 View this item »
05/21/2020COVID-19 Update: DEEP Guidelines for CT State Parks & Boat Ramps View this item »
05/13/2020Benefits Newsletter - IRS Allows HDHPs to Cover COVID-19 Costs View this item »
05/12/2020Discover Boating - Interactive COVID-19 State by State Access Map View this item »
05/12/2020Marine Retailers Association: COVID-19 Guide To Operating Your Boat Business Safely View this item »
05/07/2020Burgee Program COVID-19 Risk Management Guide View this item »
05/05/2020Live Well, Work Well - Celebrate World No Tobacco Day by Learning About Smoking Cessation View this item »
04/29/2020COVID-19 Update - Rhode Island Phase 1 Opening View this item »
04/23/2020Benefits Newsletter - U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Challenge to ACA View this item »
04/01/2020Live Well, Work Well - Laughter May Be a Key in Fighting Workplace Stress View this item »
03/31/2020COVID-19 Update - Marina Operation Status and Closures by State View this item »
03/12/2020COVID-19 Advisory to Burgee Program Clients & Partners View this item »
03/08/2020Gowrie Announces 2 Year Sponsorship Extension with US Sailing and Chubb View this item »
03/02/2020Gowrie as Title Sponsor of CT River Leukemia Cup Regatta View this item »
03/01/2020Live Well, Work Well - Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to Be Expensive View this item »
02/12/2020Benefits Newsletter - Cadillac Tax and Other Key ACA Taxes Repealed View this item »
02/05/2020Live Well, Work Well - February is American Heart Month View this item »
02/01/2020VIPCA Yacht Insurance Application Read more »
01/05/2020Live Well, Work Well - January 2020 View this item »
11/13/2019Live Well, Work Well - It's That Time of the Year Again: Flu Season Is Here View this item »
10/21/2019Tips for Preparing Your Boat For Winter View this item »
10/09/2019Benefits Newsletter - Deadline Approaching: Medicare Part D Notices Are Due Before October 15th View this item »
10/02/2019Live Well, Work Well - October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month View this item »
09/18/2019Employer HR Brief - September 2019 View this item »
09/11/2019Benefits Newsletter - Open Enrollment: What's Changing in 2020? View this item »
09/04/2019Live Well, Work Well - Getting Outside May Be the Key to Boosting Your Physical and Psychological Well-being View this item »
08/28/2019Employer HR Brief - August 2019 View this item »
08/14/2019Benefits Newsletter - Executive Order On Health Costs To Affect Employer Health Plans View this item »
08/07/2019Live Well, Work Well - 1 in 5 Deaths Worldwide Associated With Poor Diets View this item »
07/24/2019Employer HR Brief - July 2019 View this item »
07/17/2019Benefits Newsletter - IRS Releases Inflation-adjusted Limits for HSAs and HDHPs for 2020 View this item »
07/10/2019Live Well, Work Well - Going Camping? Here's the Rundown of What You Need to Know View this item »
06/26/2019Complimentary Coffee at the WoodenBoat Show View this item »
06/26/2019Employer HR Brief - June 2019 View this item »
06/19/2019Benefits Newsletter - Final Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2020 View this item »
06/12/2019Live Well, Work Well - Fuel Your Workout the Right Way View this item »
05/15/2019Employer HR Brief - May 2019 View this item »
05/08/2019Benefits Newsletter - DOJ Supports Federal Court Ruling Invalidating the ACA View this item »
05/01/2019Live Well, Work Well - 5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Daily Mental Health View this item »
04/15/2019Employer HR Brief - April 2019 View this item »
04/08/2019Benefits Newsletter - Deadline Extended for EEO-1 Filing from March to May 31, 2019 View this item »
04/01/2019Live Well, Work Well - Don't Let Tax Filing Season Get the Best of You View this item »
03/25/2019Seminars on Waterfront Resiliency for Marinas and Yacht Clubs View this item »
03/18/2019Employer HR Brief - March 2019 View this item »
03/11/2019Benefits Newsletter - Proposed Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2020 View this item »
03/06/2019Live Well, Work Well - Don't Let Spring Allergies Bring You Down View this item »
02/20/2019Employer HR Brief - February 2019 View this item »
02/10/2019Benefits Newsletter - It's That Time of the Year Again for ACA Reporting View this item »
02/01/2019Live Well, Work Well - 2 Chronic Conditions That Can Cause Cancer View this item »
01/21/2019Employer HR Brief - January 2019 View this item »
01/15/2019Benefits Newsletter - IRS is Beginning 2016 Pay or Play Enforcement View this item »
01/02/2019Live Well, Work Well - Beware: New Year = New Fad Diets View this item »
10/14/2018Off-Season Safety Checklist for Marinas and Yacht Clubs from Gowrie and Chubb. View this item »
09/05/2018Live Well, Work Well - HBP Guidelines Have Changed: Do You Know Your Risk? View this item »
08/20/2018Benefits Newsletter - Association Health Plans Expansion View this item »
08/05/2018Live Well, Work Well - Sunrays Aren't the Only Thing You Can Catch at the Pool View this item »
07/15/2018Benefits Newsletter - ACA Affordability Percentages Will Increase for 2019 View this item »
07/05/2018Live Well, Work Well - WHO Calls for a Ban on Artificially Produced Trans Fat View this item »
06/15/2018Benefits Newsletter - IRS Announces Second Change to HSA Family Contribution Limit View this item »
06/01/2018Live Well, Work Well - Strawberries Named Dirtiest Produce View this item »
05/20/2018Employer HR Brief - May 2018 View this item »
05/15/2018Benefits Newsletter - Did You Miss the April 2 ACA Reporting Deadline? View this item »
05/01/2018Live Well, Work Well - Despite CDC Recommendation, Many Adults Still Refusing Shingles Vaccine View this item »
04/28/2018IRS Announces Revision on HSA Limit for Family Coverage for 2018 View this item »
04/20/2018Employer HR Brief - April 2018 View this item »
04/10/2018Benefits Newsletter - How to Handle an ACA Penalty Letter View this item »
04/01/2018Live Well, Work Well - 5 Healthy Snacks to Satisfy Your Workday Hunger View this item »
03/20/2018Employer HR Brief - March 2018 View this item »
03/10/2018Benefits Newsletter - Spending Resolution Affects ACA Taxes View this item »
03/07/2018IRS Reduces HSA Limit for Family Coverage for 2018 View this item »
03/01/2018Live Well, Work Well - Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to Be Expensive View this item »
02/05/2018Live Well, Work Well - 2 Chronic Conditions That Can Cause Cancer View this item »
01/20/2018Employer HR Brief - January 2018 View this item »
01/10/2018Benefits Newsletter - DOL Delays New Rules for Disability Benefit Claims View this item »
01/01/2018Live Well, Work Well - January is Thyroid Awareness Month View this item »
11/01/2017Live Well, Work Well - Fight the Flu with These Simple Tips View this item »
10/24/2017US Sailing Video Features Burgee Program View this item »
10/01/2017Live Well, Work Well - Halloween Safety Tips View this item »
09/20/2017Benefits Newsletter - Senate Rejects ACA Repeal Efforts View this item »
09/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - Do you know the signs of Opioid Addiction? View this item »
08/15/2017Benefits Newsletter - HIPAA Cyber Attack Response Checklist View this item »
08/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - Prevent Heat Illness View this item »
07/20/2017Employer HR Brief - July 2017 View this item »
07/15/2017Benefits Newsletter - What Happens if the ACA Employer Mandate is Repealed? View this item »
07/01/2017Live Well, Work Well - Simple Summer Activities Your Kids Are Sure to Love View this item »
06/15/2017Employer HR Brief - June 2017 View this item »
06/05/2017Benefits Newsletter - AHCA Passes House View this item »
06/01/2017Live Well, Work Well - Tick and Tick-borne Disease Season is Here View this item »
05/20/2017Employer HR Brief - May 2017 View this item »
05/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - A Breath of Fresh Air View this item »
05/01/2017Benefits Newsletter - ACA Replacement Bill View this item »
05/01/2017Risk Report: Propeller Guards View this item »
04/20/2017Employer HR Brief - April 2017 View this item »
04/18/2017Adams Cup Reunion at National Sailing Hall of Fame in Annapolis View this item »
04/15/2017Insurance for Certified Sailing Instructors View this item »
04/15/2017Insurance for Certified Race Officials View this item »
04/13/2017US Sailing, Gowrie and Chubb Announce Multi-Year Sponsorship Extension View this item »
04/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - Monitor Your Rice Intake View this item »
04/01/2017Benefits Newsletter - American Health Care Act: What Won't Change View this item »
04/01/2017Employer Benefits Bulletin - Quarter 2 View this item »
03/24/2017Gowrie to Sponsor Adams Cup Reunion at National Sailing Hall of Fame View this item »
03/20/2017Employer HR Brief - March 2017 View this item »
03/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - Prepare for Tax Season View this item »
03/01/2017Benefits Newsletter - ACA and Employer Health Plans Under President Trump View this item »
03/01/2017Steve Prime Leads Insurance Seminar for Yacht Brokers and YBAA View this item »
02/20/2017Employer HR Brief - February 2017 View this item »
02/15/2017Gowrie proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of US SAILING's National Sailing Programs Symposium View this item »
02/05/2017Live Well, Work Well - February is American Heart Month View this item »
02/01/2017Benefits Newsletter - New Stand-alone HRA Option Available for Eligible Small Employers View this item »
01/19/2017Steve Prime to Speak at Massachusetts Marine Trades Association Professional Development Conference View this item »
01/05/2017Employee Brochure "live well, work well": New Year's Resolutions View this item »
01/04/2017Gowrie Group Proud Gold & Weather Sponsor of Key West Race Week 2017 View this item »
01/01/2017Employee Benefits Bulletin - 2017 Quarter 1 View this item »
12/07/2016Kellie Crete to Speak at International Marina & Boatyard Conference - Jan 27th View this item »
11/07/2016Gowrie Group Combines Forces with Annapolis-Based International Marine Insurance Services View this item »
10/21/2016Top-10 OSHA Citations: A Starting Point for Workplace Safety View this item »
10/20/2016Employer HR Brief - October 2016 View this item »
10/10/2016Gowrie Group to sponsor Dyer Derby at Mystic Seaport View this item »
10/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Breast Cancer Awareness Month View this item »
10/01/2016Complimentary Coffee for Marine Industry Professionals at the Annapolis Sailboat Show View this item »
10/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - Get Ready for ACA Reporting Deadlines View this item »
09/25/2016Gowrie Sponsors Mystic Seaport’s Dyer Dhow Derby: 10/15/16 View this item »
09/16/2016POSTPONED: Gowrie to Sponsor Eastbay Rendezvous at Mystic Seaport in Spring 2017 View this item »
09/15/2016Gowrie Delivers 600 Pounds of Apples at Newport Boatshow View this item »
09/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Taking Responsibility for your Retirement Fund View this item »
09/05/2016Gowrie Combines Forces with Hartge Insurance and Opens New Mid-Atlantic Operation View this item »
09/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - Significant Changes Proposed to Form 5500 View this item »
08/20/2016Employer HR Brief - August 2016 View this item »
08/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Zika: Why Men Should Be Concerned Too View this item »
08/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - New Task Force to Focus on Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders View this item »
07/20/2016Employer HR Brief - July 2016 View this item »
07/05/2016Safety Report: Electric Shock Drowning - What Marine Industry Employees Need to Know View this item »
07/05/2016Employee Brochure "live well, work well": FDA Moves to Regulate the Sale of E-cigarettes View this item »
07/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - DOL issues New Overtime Payment Rules View this item »
07/01/2016Employee Benefits Bulletin - 2016 Quarter 3 View this item »
07/01/2016Health Care Reform: PCORI Fees due August 1, 2016 View this item »
06/23/2016Gowrie Group Donates VHF Radios to New England Science & Sailing View this item »
06/20/2016Employer HR Brief - June 2016 View this item »
06/13/2016Gowrie Group Sponsors Successful 2016 Essex Shad Bake View this item »
06/06/2016Gowrie Group's Kellie Crete teaching an OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Outreach Training Program, Marine Focus View this item »
06/05/2016Gowrie Group Safety Report: Understand Electric Shock Drowning View this item »
06/05/2016Employee Brochure "live well, work well": Detergent Packet Poisoning View this item »
06/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - ACA's Affordability Contribution Percentage Increases for 2017 View this item »
05/20/2016Employer HR Brief - May 2016 View this item »
05/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Healthy Lifestyles View this item »
05/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - Supreme Court Hears Contraceptive Coverage Case View this item »
04/15/2016Employer HR Brief - April 2016 View this item »
04/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - Loneliness Considered a Public Health Problem View this item »
04/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - Affordable Care Act Rule Changes for 2017 View this item »
04/01/2016Gowrie Group's Spring Boating Safety Resources View this item »
03/29/2016Emergency Response Planning for Sailing Organizations View this item »
03/17/2016Gowrie Group's Burgee Insurance Program Insures More than 1,000 Sailing Organization Nationwide View this item »
03/15/2016Employer HR Brief - March 2016 View this item »
03/15/2016Safety Tips for Fire Emergencies on Boats View this item »
03/05/2016Employee Brochure "live well, work well": Lead Water Poisoning View this item »
03/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - Recent Court Rulings Raise Questions about FMLA View this item »
02/15/2016Employer HR Brief - February 2016 View this item »
02/05/2016Live Well, Work Well - The Importance of Good Posture View this item »
02/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - ACA Reporting Deadlines Delayed View this item »
01/25/2016Gowrie Proud to be Platinum Sponsor of US Sailing Leadership Forum 2016 View this item »
01/25/2016Employer Benefits Bulletin - Quarter 1 View this item »
01/20/2016Speros and Prime to Give Seminar on Social Engineering Fraud to YBAA Members View this item »
01/15/2016Employer HR Brief - January 2016 View this item »
01/05/2016Employee Brochure "live well, work well": In Defense of Coffee, Sugar Substitutes, New Year's Resolutions View this item »
01/01/2016Benefits Newsletter - ACA Repeal Passes Senate, Veto Expected View this item »
12/29/2015ACA Reporting Deadlines Delayed View this item »
11/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - Simple tips to reduce food waste View this item »
10/15/2015Employer HR Brief - October 2015 View this item »
10/06/2015Gowrie Group Heads to Annapolis Boat Show View this item »
10/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - Monitor Physical Activity with a Fitness Tracker View this item »
10/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - Guidelines Finalized for Electronic Reporting Under Sections 6055 and 6056 View this item »
09/17/2015Newport Boat Show - Apples & Thanks View this item »
09/16/2015Gowrie Group Sponsors Mystic Seaport Dyer Dhow Derby View this item »
09/15/2015Employer HR Brief - September 2015 View this item »
09/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - September is fruit and veggie month View this item »
09/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - Final Rule on Religious Exemptions to Contraceptive Coverage View this item »
09/01/2015Gowrie Group at Newport Boat Show View this item »
08/15/2015Employer HR Brief - August 2015 View this item »
08/02/2015Gowrie Sponsors New England Science & Sailing Oyster Fest View this item »
08/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - U.S Supreme Court Upholds ACA Subsidies in Federal Exchanges View this item »
07/10/2015Employer HR Brief - July 2015 View this item »
07/08/2015Health Care Reform: PCORI Fees due July 31, 2015 View this item »
07/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - The Effect of E-cigarettes on Health View this item »
07/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - Family Plans Must Embed Out-of-pocket Limits in 2016 View this item »
06/15/2015Employer Benefits Bulletin - Quarter 3 View this item »
06/10/2015Employer HR Brief - June 2015 View this item »
06/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - The Health Benefits of Sunlight Exposure View this item »
06/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - Agencies Plan to Issue Final Rules for SBC Requirements View this item »
05/26/2015Dawn Speros to Speak at International Cruising Boat Expo in Essex, CT - June 4-7th View this item »
05/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - May Is Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month View this item »
05/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - HHS Issues Final Rule Affecting ACA for 2016 View this item »
04/14/2015Gowrie Group: Resources for a Safe 2015 Boating Season View this item »
04/05/2015Live Well, Work Well - Cholestoral is not so bad View this item »
04/02/2015Risk Report: Detailed Guide to Understanding Electric Shock Drowning View this item »
04/01/2015Benefits Newsletter - New Guidance for Employer Payments of Individiual Premiums View this item »
03/25/2015Gowrie Group to Sponsor Recreational Boating Standards Collaboration Initiative Event View this item »
03/20/2015Download a USCGA Float Plan View this item »
03/18/2015Gowrie to Sponsor Marine Industry Networking Event View this item »
03/16/2015Dawn Speros of Gowrie Group to Present Marine Insurance e-Seminars to Marine Brokers View this item »
03/11/2015Gowrie to Exhibit at the Connecticut Maritime Association – Shipping 2015 Conference View this item »
03/11/2015AIG Boating Safety Best Practices View this item »
03/10/2015Discover Boating's Spring Launch Check-List View this item »
03/10/2015ACE Insurance: Coming Out of Lay-Up Guide View this item »
03/04/2015Kellie Crete to Speak at Junior Sailing Association Symposium - JSA View this item »
03/01/2015Boating Magazine Article: Electric Shock Drowning View this item »
02/19/2015Risk Report: Preventing Cold Stress and Cold Induced Injuries View this item »
02/16/2015Gowrie to Host 10 Hour OSHA Training Class for Marine Employees View this item »
02/01/2015INAMAR: Safe Moorings View this item »
01/25/2015Burgee Program - Weekly Safety Check List View this item »
01/24/2015New Junior Sailing Safety Manual by Gowrie Group & Burgee Program View this item »
01/12/2015Whitney Peterson & Kellie Crete Featured Speakers at US Sailing Conference View this item »
09/02/2014Gowrie Group and Shoreline Insurance Agency Join Forces View this item »
07/03/2014Gowrie Sponsors YBAA’s Certified Professional Yacht Broker Program View this item »
06/20/2014Gowrie/NESS Partnership Featured in The Standard's Community Corner Read more »
06/17/2014National Sailing Hall of Fame and Gowrie Partner to Collect & Preserve Yacht Club Stories. View this item »
06/11/2014Gowrie Team Heads Out to Watch the Charles W. Morgan Sea Trials View this item »
06/10/2014Gowrie Announces Multi-year Partnership Extension with US Sailing and Chubb View this item »
06/02/2014Gowrie Group Supports New England Science & Sailing's New London Outreach Program View this item »
04/28/2014Spring Commissioning & Boating Safety Resources View this item »
04/14/2014Flood Insurance Q&A for Financial Advisers View this item »
04/10/2014Gowrie Expands into Crew Medical & Marine Health Insurance View this item »
04/03/2014What Should Sailing Orgs and Yacht Clubs Do With a Drunken Sailor? View this item »
04/02/2014Top-10 questions sailing organizations and yacht clubs ask about their insurance View this item »
03/07/2014Gowrie Group sponsors and speaks at US Sailing Regional Symposium in Marion MA View this item »
03/05/2014Dawn Speros to host eSeminar for YBAA - Post Sandy Observations: Valuation and Due Diligence are Critical View this item »
03/04/2014Gowrie Group Benefits Buzz: Final Regulations on Employer Shared Responsibility portion of ACA Read more »
02/05/2014Gowrie Group Sponsors 2014 US Sailing Leadership Forum View this item »
02/01/2014Gowrie Group partners with Mystic Seaport to protect the past and secure the future View this item »
02/01/2014Marine Broker Update from Dawn Speros View this item »
01/29/2014Marinas and Boatyards Can Build Working Relations with OSHA - Seminar Presented by Gowrie Group's Kellie Crete at the International Marina & Boatyard Conference View this item »
12/05/2013Gowrie Group’s Kellie Crete to be a Featured Speaker at the ABBRA Annual Boatyard Business Conference View this item »
11/01/2013Tips for Safer Winter Lay-up Afloat View this item »
10/19/2013Gowrie Adopts a Dyer Dhow and Competes in Annual Sailing Competition at Mystic Seaport View this item »
09/23/2013Gowrie Selects 5 People to Win Custom Gowrie Bucket-Bags View this item »
09/16/2013Gowrie Group Delivered 600 Pounds of Apples at Newport Boat Show View this item »
08/19/2013Risk Report: Extension Cords and Flexible Cord Safety View this item »
07/25/2013Dawn Speros to speak at Trawlerfest Baltimore about the Impact of Hurricane Sandy on Insurance View this item »
07/22/2013Dawn Speros Summer Marine Insurance Update Read more »
07/09/2013Gowrie Group Safety Insight: Propeller Guards View this item »
06/17/2013Gowrie article, “How Boating Incidents Can Expose Personal Assets” featured in Worth magazine View this item »
06/11/2013Steve Prime Presenting eSeminar on Insurance Lessons from SANDY for Marine Businesses View this item »
06/01/20132013 Hurricane Season: Preparedness Guidelines View this item »
05/20/2013Dawn Speros and Steve Prime to Present e-Seminars to Marine Brokers View this item »
05/01/2013Gowrie to be a Presenting Sponsor at Connecticut Luxury Yacht Summit View this item »
04/08/2013Gowrie to Host Hydraulic Trailer Safety Training Class View this item »
03/20/2013Gowrie Group Welcomes Spring with Offbeat Maritime Tradition: Sock Burning View this item »
03/12/2013Gowrie Hosts OSHA Training Program for Marine Industry View this item »
03/04/2013Burgee Program: Dock Safety Guidelines View this item »
01/24/2013Gowrie Sponsors and Kellie Crete Speaks about Safety at US Sailing's National Symposium View this item »
11/07/2012Steve Prime of Gowrie Group Honored for 24 Years of Service to the Rhode Island Marine Trade Association View this item »
10/25/2012Hurricane SANDY Preparation Guidelines from Gowrie Group View this item »
10/15/2012Dan Cooney Joins Gowrie Group as a Commercial & Marine Insurance Producer View this item »
09/18/2012Gowrie Delivers 600 Pounds of Apples at Newport Boat Show Read more »
09/03/2012What Smart Boaters Need to Know about Insurance during the Fall Season Read more »
04/23/2012Hurricane Activation Plan Template offered to yacht clubs and orgs to aid in their disaster planning Read more »
03/30/2012Gowrie Sponsors YBAA’s Professional Yacht Broker Program Read more »
03/20/2012Spring Yacht Commissioning Check List Read more »
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