International Marine Insurance Services (IMIS)

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International Marine Insurance Services is now a part of Gowrie Group. As a combined agency, together IMIS and Gowrie Group bring to boaters a broader range of insurance coverages, enhanced risk management, and exceptional client service. Learn more about the marine related insurance programs that IMIS offers with Gowrie Group:

  • The Jackline Program for Worldwide Cruisers. A comprehensive insurance program designed to protect yachts and their owners cruising throughout the world. Like the important safety gear for which it is named, The Jackline Insurance Program provides sailors with the insurance coverage needed to roam freely and cruise the globe. Learn more.
  • Boat & Yacht Insurance. Insurance solutions for all types and sizes of boats and yachts. Learn More.
  • Global Crew/Marine Health Insurance. Specialized, creditable health insurance with worldwide overage for international cruisers, professional sailors, coaches, instructors, Olympic team members, collegiate sailing athletes, and paid crew/captains. Learn More.
  • Beyond Marine. Gowrie offers to a full range of insurance solutions and programs for homes, coastal properties, families, businesses, yacht clubs, benefits/health, and more.

IMIS/Gowrie Office is located at: 522 Chesapeake Ave, Annapolis, MD 21403. To contact the IMIS/Gowrie Group team:,, or 410.364.7710.