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Gowrie Group and its affiliate companies respect each individual's right to personal privacy. We have created this privacy statement to demonstrate our commitment and to inform our clients, employees, and service providers of the manner in which we collect, store, and disseminate confidential information. Gowrie Group and its affiliates adhere to the following privacy principles:

  • Gowrie Group has developed and utilizes rigorous policies and procedures to protect customer information.
  • Gowrie Group endeavors to keep accurate customer information. We promptly respond to inquiries and requests regarding the accuracy of this information.
  • Gowrie Group’s physical and electronic systems and workflows safeguard confidential information.
  • Gowrie Group employees take responsibility for the protection of the customer information they encounter in the course of business and handle that information in compliance with our privacy policy.
  • Gowrie Group uses any personal information it obtains in compliance with applicable law including the Social Security Confidentiality Act of 2008.

Part I. Information Collection
Gowrie Group may collect information in the course of our insurance and finance operations that may be personal and confidential in nature. This information may include:

  • contact information such as individual and business names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers, as well as
  • unique identifiers such as social security numbers, tax identification numbers, and driver's license numbers, and
  • financial information such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers and credit scores.

Most of the information we obtain comes directly from our clients on applications and forms they complete. We also may receive confidential information from the insurance and financial companies we represent and other companies such as credit bureaus and public records and data collection firms.

Any personal health information obtained by us receives special treatment as noted below.

We do not employ cookies on our website. A cookie is a small text file that a web server places on a user's computer hard drive to be a unique identifier.

Part II. Information Usage
The information collected by Gowrie Group will be used for the purpose of obtaining an insurance quote or finance quote, and/or to comply with law. As such we may need to share confidential information with insurance companies and financial institutions and their agents, as well as service providers and independent contractors. When required by law, we share information with credit bureaus and government agencies.

We only share individual health information for insurance related activities or as permitted or required by law.

We do NOT share information with outside firms for independent sales or marketing purposes.

Part III. Information Protection
We strive to keep personal information confidential and secure through our systems and procedures. Confidential information is made available to those employees, service providers, and independent contractors who comply with our privacy standards and require that information to underwrite, rate, insure, finance, or service our clients, or as required by law. Our policies address the proper physical security of records and as such:

  • Our physical and electronic safeguards are compliant with federal standards.
  • Our firewalls, virus detection, and computer hardware and software systems protect against unauthorized access to customer data.
  • Our physical facilities have appropriate security to protect against illegal access to records and data.
  • When we collect personal health information, we maintain privacy as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. We keep personal health information confidential unless: (1) we receive written permission from the individual to disclose their information; or (2) we are submitting the information for the purpose of obtaining or renewing health, life, disability or long-term care insurance, or as permitted or required by law.
  • We utilize a licensed and bonded shredding company to destroy all paper not required for maintenance of our files, and shred all paper files when we retire them in compliance with federal standards.

Part IV. To Access or Amend Information
Clients have the right to request access to the information we maintain and request that any inaccurate information be corrected. Such requests can be made through the individual on staff handling the specific account or can be routed via email to

If problems arise, users may contact Gowrie Group by email at . We are committed to resolving disputes promptly.

If you have any further questions about privacy or security, please contact us by sending an email to:

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